Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. - Romans 12:9-10


Around these parts, Pizza Ranch has become a legend.

Pizza Ranch began in Hull, Iowa, in 1981, as an idea of Adrie Groeneweg, who was just 19 years old.

The first menu was developed by Lorraine Groeneweg, Adrie’s mother, and included six specialty pizzas and single topping pizzas. The sauce and the dough were made from scratch, and the cheese grated by hand, while other ingredients were purchased or pre-made.

People tried Pizza Ranch – and they loved it. Pizza Ranch grew and grew. Today Pizza Ranch extends into thirteen states and is the largest regional pizza restaurant chain in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Over the years, changes have been made to virtually every aspect of Pizza Ranch’s products, services and operations. Because guest satisfaction is one of the focal points at Pizza Ranch, we continuously make changes to increase consistency, efficiency, quality and selection.

This blog is here to bless and benefit those around us.  It is written daily (during the week), by a rotating group of several Pizza Ranch Restaurant Support Center staff members.  Read our Vision and Mission statement and you’ll soon discover why we do the things we do.

Vision Statement:

“To glorify God by positively impacting the world.”

Mission Statement:

“To give every guest a legendary experience.”

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  • David Hartzler

    First time to this site, and I love it, I’ll be back daily to check it.

  • Cathy Nygard

    Love this new website. Looking forward to great thoughts, words, songs, videos and ideas. Thank you for sharing.

  • Jamie L. Toenyan

    Love this new resource we have to continue living the Vision and Mission of why we are here! What a great way to connect with other’s and our own employees through devotion and reflection along with glorifying GOD and impacting others. Keep up the good work Pizza Ranch! We will be using these tools at the Monticello MN Pizza Ranch :)

  • Melvin Pierce

    Oh if all business would run like this, the drama would be less. I haven’t found anything like this on the Wal-Mart site. Keep it up. If God is put first the rest will follow as his plan unfolds.

  • Fred Younger

    I love your Vision Statement and Mission Statement. Well done…

  • MaryAnn lefferts

    I love working at Pizza Ranch in Mitchell South Dakota

    • MaryAnn Lefferts

      I love working at pizza Ranch in Mitchell south Dakota best resturont ever.

  • Pastor Peter Olson

    What a great job your restuarants do at making people feel a good, clean, and special food experiience. I have been going to the Baraboo, WI location with our Pastor Cluster group for years, and we enjoy the service with a smile, the food is delicious, and we feel rested and ready to go for the Lord after our meal!
    “To glorify God by positively impacting the world we live in” should be every Christian’s battle cry in these last days. May God bless you Pizza Ranch for taking a stand for Christ. May God give you favor in your resepective communities.
    I look forward to your new Portage, WI store, and hope for one in Madison, WI (or nearer anyway) soon. Agape, Pastor Peter

  • Mike Schumacher

    I am impressed with the vision and mission of Pizza Ranch. We need more companies like this that live their faith in the workplace! I am also impressed with a gentleman whom works for you.,Jon Moss and his wife. Liz, have done some remarkable things taking your mission and vision into their personal lives! Best of luck! Mike

  • Jack Martinell

    I was in Billings,Mt on Business and discovered this was also the opening day for Pizza Ranch in Billings. My Wife and I decided to “Try it out”. We were surprised by the selection and amount of food available for the price in the buffet. The Food and Service was excellent.Will be returning to Pizza Ranch, next time in Billings. Keep up the Good Work! Jack

  • Tim Taylor

    Got on this site to look for there 30th anniversary coke bottle and it was a blessing to see there giving God the glory for there business and using it as there ministry.

  • Avis Hanson

    Tried out your Billings Restaurant last night with my son, and we both were delighted, first, with your out front mission statement, and then the delightful food, great price and happy staff! We will be back and I’ll be spreading the word about your wonderful place, here in Billngs. May God bless you, and I know He will!

  • David Cross

    well… i honestly thought this was something that was gonna be very cheesy… but now that i have walked through it… its a pretty awesome site… can’t wait to get into detail with this site rather than just skim it. :)

  • Tammy

    Love your vision and mission statement! Waiting for your opening in Liberty and praying you do well! Could you think about providing a healthy cheese option for those who are lactose intolerant. Diaya cheese is used by many restaurants in the area and many people ask for it!

  • jean gimnick

    I am so glad I work at Pizza Ranch. I really love it.

  • Brian

    It’s amazing to see a company that is still willing to plant it’s flag and declare what it really is. So many companies try to be everything to everyone, and in the process lose themselves. I am blown away by this organization’s determination to make this world a better place. All of this springing from little old Hull, Iowa. Amazing. If I weren’t so happy with my current employer, I would definitely be trying to get into Pizza Ranch.

  • Carrie VanderStoep Scheevel

    My husband used to work at the main office in NW Iowa. He loved it, and loved the godly leadership of Adrie. We miss being a part of the company, but always wll have a soft spot in our hearts for PR! Thankfully there is a store only about 15 mins away from our new location in MN. We visit often!

  • Patricia Neely Kollmansberger

    We have a new Pizza Ranch in Sun Prairie, WI. We have eaten there twice already and love the food, the friendly staff and the awesome soft Christian music played in the background. Most restaurants play LOUD and annoying music and I usually can’t wait to get out of there, but not the situation at our new Pizza Ranch. So glad that you came to our small town…..Welcome!

  • sheldon waage

    I had no idea of your vision or mission statement. You’re our new fav. restaurant, period…

  • Jozie Mader

    We live outside of Billings, MT. I grew up in Iowa and was so happy to hear Pizza Ranch was coming “to town”. With our kids being the age they eat free, military discount, and the frequent diner card we were eating here every lunch time we came in (which is usually 1-4 times a week). We’ve been in this restaurant at least 100 times the past 2 years… and just today seen the sign to the right as you walk in with the vision and mission statement on it… My husband and i were thrilled. Not only is it a great thing, but i personally think you’ve executed the vision and mission very well. Thank You Billings Pizza Ranch.