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Tuesday Truth – Storms

by Pizza Ranch Serves Admin on July 24, 2012

“Most people run from a storm.  Don’t be like most people, run to the One who controls the storm.”

The Bible tells a story of Job.  Job had it all…money, family, animals – until God allowed Satan to test Job.  That’s right, God ALLOWED Satan to test Job.  Satan was powerless to do anything without God’s permission.  Job was saddened and even bitter about what began to transpire in his life as he lost many of his worldly possessions, his health, and his family.  But, Job never allowed himself to get mad at God or curse Him.  Instead, he understood that everything God gave him, he could also take away.

God gives us experiences…we all have the hard ones too.  Maybe you are going through one today.  Understand that God does allow things to happen, but in the end, it’s He who reigns, and his almighty glory will somehow be seen through it.

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  • Jill Ritz

    WOW – I really needed to be reminded of this today. Thanks!

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